Abeona Adventures is a Cheshire based Company focused on providing a unique opportunity for women – whether single, married, separated, divorced, widowed or new to the area – who wish to break away from day-to-day routine, and engage with  like-minded companions to indulge in lifestyle adventure experiences. 

Our inspiration comes from the Hollywood heyday of glamour, glitz and sophistication, along with fashion icons who captivated our hearts, such as Audrey Hepburn.

Feel the buzz, come enjoy our Adventures – join Abeona and let us be your new tonic … CHEERS darlings!

Membership Club

We aim to bring ladies together through our Membership Club – planning local day trips, holidays abroad and social events – providing a forum to develop new friendships.

With this in mind, the group size during our events will be small, 10-15 maximum.

Hollywood Movie Themes

We aim to provide inspiration through our trips and have taken the hassle out of researching prime locations, hotels and eateries through our wealth of experience. Our uniqueness is the association of our trips to a Hollywood movie theme for which our itineraries have been thoughtfully and meticulously created. Movies, for example ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Eat Pray Love’, have a strong affiliation to women with thought provoking take-home messages. They provide a perfect opportunity to encourage discussion during our travels coupled with our aim of providing a fabulous milieu.

Meet the founders



Jackie is one of the founding members of Abeona Adventures and came up with the idea for the company through the positive effects that she noticed travel, adventure and the outdoors have been having on her own life.

See our Blog where Jackie explains the benefits of living life to the full aka Lara Croft, and why she’s earned the nickname ‘Fair Grylls’! She has specific expertise on the UK, Italy, Spain, Morocco and the Americas and has published adventure articles and photographs in the Press such as ‘Exploring England’ [This England’s Annual Magazine].


Our founding member Vivien is an experienced World Traveller, Event Organiser and Social Wizard; having high standards and a keen eye for detail, she is able to come up with superb locations at affordable prices in every corner of the globe.

Vivien is a former Research Scientist and Thespian in her spare time, often described as a Social Butterfly with a zest for life second to none.  With oodles of enthusiasm and passion, Vivien is the people’s Energizer, and will totally relish in bringing you ladies together for the ultimate holiday experience.

And Abeona herself…

ABEONA [ah-bee-OH-nah], in Roman Mythology, is the Goddess of all Outward Journeys and a Protector of Travellers. Her name comes from the Latin verb ‘abeo’ which means ‘to depart or go forth’; applying equally well whether the journey is a physical, emotional or spiritual one.