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Part I: Roman Holiday – The Holiday

Rome provides the perfect picturesque and historical landscape for any film – and any adventure. Roman Holiday was filmed here in 1953, and stared Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the title roles of Ann (a princess on a tour of the European capital cities) and Joe (an American newspaper reporter). The film is one […]

Part II: Roman Holiday – La Dolce Vita

‘La Piazza di Spagna’ gathers a daily congregation of visitors from all corners of the world who come to sit on its steps, and adorn it in glorious, radiant colour. In the early hours it has a more silent, serene beauty and is particularly worth catching a glimpse of before 8am when the majority of […]

Part III: Roman Holiday – Night Tour

On the morning of our third day in Rome we breakfast in another famous café along the Via Condotti known as Café Greco, established in 1760. The elegant ambiance is similar to the coffee houses in Vienna and it’s lovely to sit here amongst the pictures of Goethe, Byron, and Keats who all used to come […]

Part IV: Roman Holiday – Secret Rome

The following day – our last full day in Rome – we arrange to have a late breakfast / early lunch in a beautiful outdoor café close to the Temple of Aesculapius near the lake in the Villa Borghese. Sitting outside enjoying the sunshine in this beautiful garden is absolute heaven. For the afternoon we’ve […]